Machine Builder 1st and 2nd

Company Name:
Machine Tool Builder
The machine builder assembles various machine tools and sub-assemblies per instructions given by engineering in accordance with assembly and detail drawings and supporting documents.
Individual must be able to read engineering drawings, inspect and measure precision parts, assembly complex assemblies from BOM and drawings performing precision fits, geometric alignment for squareness, parallelism and leveling of machine bases and linear slides.
The individual should have a working knowledge of laser metrology equipment, precision levels and related equipment for the setup and alignment of machine tools.
Additionally the builder must be familiar with mechanical, electrical, fluid and pneumatic systems.
Responsibilities include troubleshooting, repair and preventative maintenance of all machine systems and field installation.
Thorough knowledge of machine tool assembly, fabrication of small parts, use of typical machine shop equipment like mills, lathes, grinders and hand tools.
A good understanding of hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication systems is a requirement.
Experience in the final inspection, verification, setup and runoff of the completed equipment
Experience with building machine tools, assembly equipment or test systems. This person is responsible for machine assembly using blue prints
Responsible for assembly, alignment, testing, installation & service of machine tools

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